Good morning! Terrible weather outside, but everything that has taken place inside at Complete Game is 100% positive.  As noted in the post from Coach Salmonese, players are making incredible gains physically and statistically.  Players who have been committing themselves to coming to the facility, and who have pushed themselves during training, have seen the biggest results.  The Colonials Academy has been a tremendous success because of the ability to address the exact issues the player is facing, which are revealed through their assessments. The gains in velocity and confidence have been remarkable. Our hope is that each player will try the Academy and experience the difference it can make – we know you’ll love it!!

High school workgroups conclude this Saturday. Some things to note as we approach the end of winter training and usher in the spring season:

Spring Training Schedule: The new classes are going to start being populated on the app tomorrow and will continue through the rest of the week.  The training dates go through 5/24/24.  We will have Sunday times for our high school players.  High School players should be coming in minimum twice per week (one weeknight and once on Sunday recommended).  It is critical you maintain all that you’ve gained, but it’s even better if you continue your gains heading into the summer!!

Team Hats: Hats should be in sometime this week.  It’s expected they will be at the facility for Organized Workgroups this weekend.  If you have not gotten a new hat yet be sure to pick one up.  Also do not leave this weekend without your bag tag! A sharpie will be there for you to personalize your bag tag and write your number/initials in your hat.

Middle School Workgroups: Middle School workgroups will transition to Saturdays starting 3/16/24. We are working on outdoor fields for March.  If we can get field time we will send out notifications.  Your times for Saturday workgroups will be posted by the end of this week.

Middle School Rosters: Teams will be set and sent out Sunday March 17th. You will be added to a roster via GameChanger and sent a text with a link to your spring/summer schedule. This includes any hotel information for the travel tournaments in summer.

Outdoor Practices: We have moved away from Sloatsburg and working with multiple towns locally for outdoor practice time.  Due to the fact the town has priority we will not be able to post the specific times as far in advance as we did in the past.  With the upgrade on field conditions I will say it is worth it! Summer should be easier to plan further out but for spring (Middle School) we ask that you be flexible and patient as it pertains to outdoor practices – we will notify as early as possible.  Our goal is always to provide the best training, the best equipment, the best technology, and the best facilities.

That’s it for now.  Will update again shortly when the training schedules are fully posted.  Let’s make today a great day!!


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