Hey everyone,

Unfortunately the new space will not be open tomorrow. The delays and complications changed from what I had hoped would be a mid-November to December 10th. I strongly believed that we would be good to go by today but it didn’t happen. It’s extremely disappointing but we aren’t going to feel sorry about it. I am going to make sure our players continue to get their training in and develop into superior athletes and individuals. We are operating at a day-at-a-time, meaning we hope the new space will be open Monday. I ask that you please be patient as we sort through this. The calendar may be shuffled each day to accommodate for any disruptions. Even though each passing day feels like forever, I know we will be open very soon. As of today the place is all set up for you guys – I can’t wait for you to see it!!

Classes Sunday are currently cleared out but some will be added back. Organized workgroups for Middle School ARE ON at the current space (gym side)

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Also please use the app and check for any changes. I’ll follow up with messages.


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