Good morning everyone.  Quick update as High School transitions to their school program and Middle School prepares to begin their spring seasons:

High School live batting will not take place this Saturday due to the overwhelming majority of players at practice with their teams.  For those that are not active at practice you will be able to come in and workout at 9:30am.  The entire facility will be open for High School players to use.  Before coming in you MUST send text to the Complete Game text number (855-242-0762) confirming your attendance.  This will allow us to monitor and regulate the number of players in the facility at one time.

Calendars have been posted on your dashboard and have been populated with tournaments, games, and scrimmages.  Those will continue to be updated.

Hotel blocks for teams traveling in the summer have been posted in the note of the event on your calendar.  Simply click the even on the calendar in your dashboard for the information.  If you do not see the info in that event’s notes section then it means it is still being worked out and will be posted shortly.  A reminder will continue to go out.

Middle school will start outdoor practice Saturday 4/3 from 11a-2p.  This information is on your dashboard. Tuesday’s team workout has been moved to Saturday next week. Note any changes from previous scheduled times,

Developmental and Facility Use times for spring are being added this weekend.  You will be able to sign up for them starting Sunday at 8:30pm. Remember to add your booked times to your personal phone calendar using the links on the confirmation page or the link in the email confirming your bookings.

College Recruiting Seminar for high school players is only a couple weeks away.  Date and time will be sent out to all high school players shortly. It will be a virtual event with a full Q/A following the seminar.  Going to be a great event that you will not want to miss.

That’s it for now. Make today a great one! High School Players – ATTITUDE = RESULTS!! Go win a spot.




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