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Quick update for you regarding Virtual League, Progress Reports, and Player Calendars.

Virtual League:

The Virtual League begins Monday!! All the details will be sent out in a video on Sunday.  The league will take place at the Complete Game facility and will once again put players of various ages together in pursuit of a Virtual League Championship (and some cool prizes!). The league has been reconfigured from last year to promote two facets of achieving your goals: Attendance and Personal Bests! More details including teams will be sent out Sunday.  Be sure to look out for it.

Progress Reports:

Progress reports are being distributed now and will appear on your Player Dashboard.  Your metrics are also being populated.  Since progress reports are highly personalized it takes a little longer for them to be published.  We appreciate your patience!

Player Calendars:

The player calendars for middle school have already been updated.  High School is being rolled out tomorrow (Friday) night so be sure to note down what group you are in for Saturday morning Live ABs.  Once the calendar is updated that will no longer be visible.  Again, check out your calendar and note down what group you are in.  Note: the group you were in this past Saturday is your group for the remainder of the month.  Calendars will be updated with practices and scrimmages so continue to check.  Also, for players who have events requiring overnight stay, the hotel information will be added soon in the NOTES of the event.  Just click the event and the information will be there.

Note from Coach Mike regarding strength:

“Players who have been involved with our winter strength program: 

As most are finishing up their winter programs we would like to start our reassessment process to see how guys have progressed throughout the winter. Starting next week begin to sign up for developmental strength in order to start the reassessment process. Even if you are not done with your winter program, we urge you to get back in to re test. If you received a winter program that includes Deadlift, Barbell Bench And Squat, you will need to come in 3 times for each of those workouts to re test your 1 rep Max. 

Sometime within the next couple weeks you will be receiving your in season Spring program. As you will busy with games and practice it is still important to maintain and gain strength and endurance throughout the season. I hope everyone viewed this winter training program as beneficial and let’s continue to keep our bodies in peak condition!”




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