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Building a mechanically sound swing from the ground up.

Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports. There are many variables that make hitting difficult on us, and most of those variables we cannot control.

At Complete Game we understand that, which is why we focus heavily on the one thing we can control; our mechanics. We take an individualized approach with each player so that they will remain unique as they work to get to the key points in their motion. A sample of some areas of Physical Mechanics to be studied and learned are:

  • Correct alignment of our feet in our stance
  • Proper bat positioning
  • Developing a good “stride and separation”
  • Creating a good “bat path” to the ball
  • Utilizing our hips and hands to hit the ball
  • Understanding the importance of keeping our eye on the ball


Gaining a psychological advantage over pitchers can lead to success as a hitter.

The majority of hitters from little league through high school believe that the only way they can disrupt a pitcher is by getting a hit off of them. The truth is, we can do a lot as a hitter to control the game and disrupt a pitcher’s tempo.

At Complete Game, each hitter, regardless of age, will learn to develop and sharpen their psychological game before they step into the box. A sample of some of the areas of the Psychological Approach to be studied and learned are:

  • Controlling the pace of the game
  • Learning to throw the pitcher off of their rhythm
  • Gain a better understanding of pitch recognition
  • Developing an understanding of hitting in different game situations
  • Utilizing your time in the on-deck circle to prepare for your at-bat


Developing a positive response towards the outcome of each at bat.

Keeping your focus and staying positive after a negative outcome in an at bat is difficult to do.

At Complete Game, our instructors have been through the highs and lows of this frustrating game, and are here to help you work through it. In order to perform at a high skill level, we have to maintain a positive mindset. A sample of some of the areas of Mental Strengthening to be studied and learned are:

  • Handling success and failure in a mature way
  • Understanding that we cannot let one at bat determine our day
  • Visualizing success
  • Trusting your ability as a hitter to hit anything that comes your way
  • Developing and maintaining the ability to stay relaxed and in control at the plate
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