Good afternoon,

I want to take a moment and review what the coaches at Complete Game expect from our players:

Instruction: When players are in classes they should expect to learn what physical adjustments need to be made, how to make them, and the necessary work to implement these changes effectively in competition.  Learning takes place three ways: Seeing, Hearing, and Doing.  Each player is expected to provide their coach with their full, undivided attention during classes. Giving your attention to anything other than your coach is unacceptable during a training class.  Prepare your mind and commit your behavior, before you walk in the door, to absorb as much information and correction as you possibly can during your session.

Training: You will never grow if you do not push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  I believe every player that walks in the door wants to see improvement, but not all are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.  Some players have shown they are more concerned with “comfort” than development.  Equipment is meant to be used – not to be leaned against.  The Recovery chairs are meant to be used for recovery – not for resting.  The facility is meant for development – not for socialization.  Rest and Socialization are good things, but only when done in the appropriate environment.  The Complete Game facility during training hours is not one of them.  If you are not walking in the door prepared to push yourself well beyond your comfort zone then leave that training slot open for someone who is.

Mentality: Success comes in all different shapes and sizes.  It can be measured using different weights and scales.  A Complete Game player never leaves a class, facility use, practice, or any other activity without having success.  That may mean you learned from failure.  But, every time you sign up for training, you will walk away successful.  This requires a level of positivity, enthusiasm, focus, encouragement, effort, and respect that not every player is reaching.  From this point forth all of our players will push themselves to be different – set apart from the competition – with how they think and how they act.  Coaches will see ALL players exhibiting higher levels of positivity, enthusiasm, focus, encouragement, effort, and respect as we pursue success on and off the field.

From this point forth any players who are attending classes and not putting in the effort will be told to leave the class.  Any players who are being a distraction or negative towards their fellow teammates will be told to leave the class.  Respect the facility – Respect the equipment – Respect each other.

This should come across as positive to you because you see that the coaches are taking the training, development, and success of our players very seriously.


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“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech” – Titus 2:7