“I want to start by saying this has been the most productive winter at Complete Game in the gym! Guys have bought in to consistency and hard work from a physical training aspect and it has shown. Velocities are increasing every week and it is a testament to the players who put the time in to work out 3-5 times a week.

The Academy has seen a huge success from the guys who have bought into it. Having the ability to track monthly progress and adjust and make changes to the Players respective needs has been an incredible addition to the program.  Alex DeSimone (16U) has seen an exit velocity of 83 mph shoot up to 91mph in just 3 months! Jake Wagner (16U) went from 87.5 exit velocity to 94.9 mph since December!  Matthew Stanley’s (15U) throwing velocity has increased by 8mph since the end of the 2023 Fall season. Nate Zeff (15U) has increased his throwing velocity by 4mph over the last 6 weeks. These are just a couple of examples of guys who put the time in, train with a purpose, and use Proteus Motion to help move more efficiently, drastically improving their on-field performance. This should be the standard for everyone that steps into the building. Put the time in, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and see  how quickly you can improve your ability.

With the Spring Season approaching it is vital that we keep our foot on the gas. In the past I’ve seen our players reach numbers over the winter they can be very proud of but quickly lose it by fading during the Spring. In season training is just as important as off season training to maintain all the hard work we put in from November through February. The High School season can be very hectic with practices and games, however finding the time to continue training will keep your body fresh and healthy enough to power through. Preventing injury as well as strength maintenance should be a top priority in season and we will have plenty of opportunity for players to do just that over the Spring. I strongly encourage guys to get in on Sundays as well as once or twice during the week. My goal is to see all of my players reach their goals on and off the field and I hope to see everyone continuing to pursue those goals over the course of their High School Season.”

– Coach Salmonese


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