Baseball Instruction

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Baseball Instruction

Complete Game, in collaboration with Sports Science, offers specialized one-on-one and small-group instruction. Our training methodology consistently covers the three key learning styles: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic.

Auditory. We explain the material in a way that resonates with you, using words and illustrations that are easy to understand and apply to your physical motion.

Visual. We use video analysis to break down your mechanics. By pinpointing the key areas that require attention, we not only help you achieve optimal results but also minimize the risk of injuries on the field.

Kinesthetic. We emphasize the importance of feeling the impact of your current mechanics on your body. Through physical adjustments and repetitions, we ensure you can execute the movements independently, experiencing how these adjustments enhance your motion while minimizing strain on your body.

Furthermore, we recognize the role mentality plays in our instruction. Physical mistakes often stem from mental errors. Whether it’s strategic decision-making or developing resilience in the face of perceived failure and adversity, we incorporate mental strengthening seamlessly into each personalized training session to help you become a stronger person and player.


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