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Baseball Instruction

In conjunction with Sports Science, Complete Game offers specialized one-on-one and small group instruction. Our training consistently covers the three styles of an individual’s learning: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic.

Auditory – The material being taught will be explained in ways that the player can understand and connect with, using words and illustrations that you can understand and apply to your physical motion.

Visual – We utilize video analysis to breakdown your mechanics and show you the key areas that need to be addressed to not only realize your best results but also from giving you the best chance at staying healthy on the field.

Kinesthetic – We want our players to feel what their current mechanics are doing to their body and, more importantly, feel how the adjustment quickens their motion while receiving stress on their body. You will physically perform the adjustment with us to ensure your ability to repeat the movements on your own, feel how the adjustment quickens your motion while receiving stress on your body.

Mentality also plays a vital role in our instruction. Physical mistakes are often the product of mental mistakes. Whether it is approaching a situation strategically, or battling perceived failure and adversity, we train you on how to become a stronger person and player in the mental game. Mental strengthening is incorporated seamlessly into each of your personalized training sessions.


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