Good morning,

Hope everyone had a great end to the summer with a relaxing Labor Day Weekend.  While it’s now time to get back to school it’s also time to get back on the field. Couple notes as we prepare to take the field:

  1. Contact lists have been updated and are no available on your Player Dashboard.  The phone number is for the parent.  Players will typically form their own group chat together.  The contact list is for parents to communicate together to help make the season run more smoothly amidst hectic schedules.  You will also see your coach’s phone number.  Add that to your contacts so that when they reach out you will know who it is!
  2. Quite a few of you are playing fall sports.  We have updated the Player Availability form on your Player Dashboard to be more precise with your attendance.  We ask that you fill out the form as early as possible ONLY AFTER the specific days and times of the events are posted.  Practices are posted already so if you know conflicts go ahead and submit the form for that.  As for games please wait until the days/times are on the calendar before completing the availability form. If you have already sent in your availability for any upcoming days we ask that you take a moment and complete it once more to avoid any oversights.
  3. Remember this is a commitment.  We understand you have many commitments but in order for you to improve, grow, and develop as a player you have to be in attendance.  If baseball is your passion and your pursuit then make sure it takes precedence.
  4. We will remain consistent with “earn your time”.  Understand that the game is a test.  You don’t become smarter with more tests.  You grow as a student (player) by spending more time studying (training at the facility) and reviewing your notes (repetition drills at home). Evaluating your progress with quizzes (team organized practice) is also critical to preparing for the test (game).  If you’re study habits and performance at practice are not at the level they should be then you are not prepared to be successful come game day.  Your playing time for the game is earned by what you do every other day of the week.  Playing time is neither a reward nor a punishment – it’s validation of the work and performance you’ve put in through your training.  Make training and coming to practice your priority and playing time will work itself out.
  5. Stay positive.
  6. Fall balances were due on September 1st.  You will receive a follow up text if you still have a balance.  This will need to be paid in full in order to begin the fall season.  We spend a great deal of time devoted to the continued development of our training structure as well as the development of each individual player. In order to keep our focus where it belongs we ask for your help in keeping on top of certain logistical aspects, like filling out availability forms and completing payments.
  7. If you are a new player and did not receive your uniform yet it should be in any day.  We will reach out to you when it is ready.  Thank you for your patience as the time to get things made still is slower than it ever was.  Don’t worry you will be set for game day.
  8. If you have ANY questions, concerns, or issues please bring them directly to Patrick (551-427-4133).  Please respect the game coaches and the job they are doing by not confronting them before, during, or after games.  Again, reach out to Patrick.
  9. Fall training hours will continue to be added and updated.  Some players have accidentally double booked themselves in the schedule and we have been going through to clean that up.  Continue to check back on the site for openings with Developmental and Facility Use.  Also, if you do not see times available that work for you you can always come to the facility.  There are times someone does not show up and is a late cancel.  If a group is full and you are not able to be an active participant you still can be an active listener – it is still worth it to be present and gain information to take home and begin applying.
  10. We are in the process of bringing in new Keiser equipment to help our players become even MORE explosive.  Make sure you are signing up for strength!


In closing remember that there are three points to success:

  1. The Coaches – we will continue develop and stretch each individual to grow into a more knowledgeable, aggressive, mechanically sound player
  2. The Parents – push them at home to get their work in, help them have a positive perspective about where are presently, and encourage them with a hop of where they are heading
  3. The Players – clearly establish what your dream is and make decisions throughout the day that move you towards that dream: at home, in the classroom, and at the Complete Game facility


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“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech” – Titus 2:7