Hope you had a great weekend.  Here is some important information for the upcoming fall season:

Schedules Posted: The fall schedules have been posted to the calendar on your Player Dashboard.  Please note that the tournaments are holding the place of the days they are listed to take place on the event site.  In the event that your tournament starts on a Friday please know that we always request NO Friday games and are usually accommodated. Practice begins August 31. We will have back to back practices  to prepare for the fall season.  Those sessions have been posted to your Dashboard. The practice schedule for the fall (after Labor Day) will be posted to your calendar in the next couple days.  We are finalizing times for September and October.

  • Game Day – The calendar will reflect the game start time. Be ready to stretch/take batting practice 1 HOUR prior to the listed game time start. Arrive in full uniform and leave the same way.  Do not approach the field with jersey untucked, slides on your feet, headphones on, etc.  We want to look like professionals as we prepare to play like professionals.  Bring ALL equipment, adequate drinks, and proper footwear.  Players should always arrive prepared for grass AND turf.  Even on turf fields there are times when metal spikes are permitted.  There is no excuse for not having the proper equipment with you.  We also do not want players communicating with family/friends once they arrive to the park through the end of the coaches post-game meeting.  We are trying to instill self-sufficiency in our players so please have everything you need beforehand.
  • Practices – The time listed for practice is when you will begin stretching.  Please arrive a little early so we can stretch ON TIME.  We will not cancel outdoor practice for any reason other than severe inclement weather.  There will be times that it gets cold so dress accordingly.  Shorts and training tops are fine – you do not need to wear baseball pants.  All players should be wearing Colonials gear unless you wear an extra layer for warmth or to keep dry.

Fall is Instructional: The fall season is an instructional season.  The fall is an opportunity for players who did not get much mound time to see more innings.  The fall allows coaches to help players utilize their skill sets in a more effective way by working at a new position.  Some players will move to different rosters from their summer group to maximize their opportunities in the field and at the plate.  As competitors we always want to win, but the fall is the season where winning is least important.  Player development is of the utmost importance and everything we do as a group is to elevate each player’s game to a new level.  In order for us to see success we need players to spend time at the facility.  A minimum target for each player should be 3 days a week for 2 hours a day.  The only way to improve is to spend time training.  Even if you do not have a scheduled training session, being the in facility will bring transformation on both the physical and mental side.  In addition to training outdoor practices are mandatory and should not be viewed as optional.  Training and practices are where players develop – games are where we see how their development has progressed.  Training/practices are studying while the game is a test, Development does not grow with more tests – it grows with better, stronger study habits.  Players who spend more time at games than practice do not see the growth they should.

GameChanger Stat Keeping: We are planning to bring GameChanger to every team starting in 2023.  This fall we will be choosing one group as test run to make sure it runs well.  Our plan is to utilize the software to increase the situational awareness of the players and utilize statistics to help in building their individualized training plans.

Developmental and Facility Hours: The fall Developmental Times and Facility Hours will be posted in the evening on Sunday August 21. When you sign up please add the session to your personal calendar via the confirmation email you will receive.  If you need to cancel the session be sure to do so as soon as possible to give other players an opportunity to get in.  If you cannot find open times be sure to reach out to a coach to help coordinate times for you to get in.

Additional Game Day Procedures:

  • If you CANNOT make a Game/Practice please use the Player Availability link on your Player Dashboard. This is critical for coaches in their preparation with lineups.
  • Proper equipment is critical to your success.  While a field may be turf, inclement weather could allow you to wear metal spikes.  Besides your obvious equipment you should always have with you:
    • Molded cleats and/or turfs
    • Metal cleats
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Towel
    • Drinks
    • Sweatshirt (yes it’s hot but you never know – it doesn’t take up much space and better to be prepared)
  • Hustle everywhere.  Period.
  • Positive attitudes! Your attitude is one of the few things you can control.
  • Playing time is not equal.  In this game you will have to earn everything you get.  If you are unhappy with your playing time or spot in the lineup the best thing you can do is work hard and force the coach to make changes.  Be accountable by focusing on your own performance and work ethic before even considering bringing this issue up in the form of a complaint.  Remember, we have every player’s best interest at heart and our decisions reflect that.
  • Do not ask coaches when you are playing or pitching.  Every player is expected to be at every game.
  • Aggression is the quickest way on the field and a lack of aggression is the quickest way on the bench.  You will NOT be benched because you made a physical error or struggled at the plate.  Losing playing time comes from lack of focus, hustle, aggression, and awareness.  When a coach looks into a player’s eyes he has to trust that player to put them into the lineup.  It is VERY important you understand how it works. I advise you to reread this section over and over!!
  • Parents: Do NOT approach a coach with a complaint at the field.  Their focus is on the game and the players both before and after the event. Any frustrations or concerns should be brought directly to Patrick (551-427-4133). Coaches are instructed to not engage any concerns or complaints following a game.
  • Parents: The best thing you can do is remain positive for your son.  The car ride home after a game can be very destructive for a player’s growth if the focus of the conversation is negative.  Remember the only person that can affect your son’s future in this game is your son. Encourage hustle, leadership, and a positive attitude.


This is going to be an excellent season for each player.  Our goals for you are high and our expectation is that each goal will be met and exceeded.  Do your part by taking this information to heart and committing yourself to the highest level of training you’ve ever put in.  Trust me – it’s worth it!


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