We are excited about what Complete Game will have this year in regards to training.  For the first time we have a program that is perfect for players who are in middle/high school and want to see their performance take that next big step!  This program has two tiers that would be good for you: Tier 2 is about coming in and getting work both from a strength and positional standpoint.  Tier 3 is about taking that work and making it extremely personalized through assessments and in-depth custom programs.  There is a graphic below that explains the different tiers.

In the past our training programs have been packed with all that they included.  While this resulted in a strong, in-depth program, it also resulted in a high-cost.  One of the things I believed was best was to separate private instruction from the training program.  This helped keep the training highly personalized but at a much more reasonable cost.  If you choose to do private instruction you can still add that in to your regiment.  There are now single and pack options (saves money) for private instruction.

Due to space we only have a limited number of memberships that can be out at one time: 12 hitters and 12 pitchers.  Once those are full the membership will be closed until one opens up.  It is a month-to-month membership; If you sign up you will have your spot until you decide to cancel.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.  Again, the graphic below explains more about the tiers.  There is also a link to register for either Hitting or Pitching.  If the memberships are closed out the link will be deactivated.

Tier 2 – Hitting
Tier 2 – Pitching
Tier 3 – Hitting
Tier 3 – Pitching 


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