You are invited to participate in the 2024 Complete Game Colonials Training Program.  I understand this may not be the email you expected or wanted to receive, but the goal is to do what’s best for you in terms of your development to reach your goals.  With the limited roster spots this year we believe you would struggle to compete for playing time given specific issues with your performance on the field and in training.  The training program is the best step to take to fix these issues and bring you to the level that you want to be at and the level we believe you could reach.

When it comes to the roster I want to be very transparent that there is no guarantee that you would be invited to participate in the active roster.  This could be because of the level your development reaches or because of the constraint on numbers.  However, each year there are players who have gone through the training program and, because of their gains, been invited to the active roster during or following the training program.  We don’t want to deter you from joining another team to play for in the summer, but we also want you to know how it has worked in the past and the potential opportunity for you in the future.  Whether you decide to wait and see or choose to join another summer team, we do hope you will choose to continue your training with us.

I would like to set up a time to discuss the issues in your performance, the plan for your training, and the goals we want to achieve through the program.  If you are interested setting up a time to talk please use the link here: I’d Like To Talk More About The Training Program


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