Good morning! Hope everyone is having great holiday break and finish to the 2023 year.  Quick update:

  • This Weekend – Middle school workgroups are off this weekend and will resume Sunday January 7th. Sunday will be closing early for the holiday.
  • New Facility – It’s the home stretch.  On one hand it’s exciting and on the other it’s been disappointing knowing that it was supposed to be open mid-November.  It is ready to go as soon as we get the clearance from the town.  From what my conversation yesterday it could be Tuesday.  Praying and hoping for that.  Will be sure to send out a blast announcement as soon as we get the green light.  At that point all classes that are to take place at THE FIELD will be in the new space. Thank you for your support and patience – I promise this will go better than anyone (including myself) will expect.
  • Uniforms – If you did not order/receive your uniform in the first order we will be opening the store again at some point next week.  I am just working on getting that uniform kit back for people to try on.  Also, for those that did receive and want/need to order something else you will be able to do that then.

Happy New Year to everyone! 2023 has been an amazing year – 2024 will be even better!!


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