Good evening,

Hope everyone is doing well during this holiday season!  Just a. couple quick things to share:

  1. New Space – Received great news today about the final piece of the puzzle for the new space.  If all goes well it looks like it can open next week! Very excited to have you guys start up in there!!
  2. Text Messaging – We are always looking for new ways to become more efficient and effective.  Communication is one of the things that is always atop that list.  Starting soon we will be moving to a new messaging service which will come with a new number.  Before we make the switch you will receive one last text from the 855 number to let you know.  Be sure to look out for that text and program the new number into your phone..
  3. Throwing Program – It’s important for all players to begin throwing.  We live in the Northeast and one of the disadvantages is, of course, the weather.  It’s on you to check out the forecasts, prioritize your time, and communicate with a sibling, friend, or teammate to schedule your throwing.  Of course when the facility is open you will be accomplishing most of your work in there, but even still you will have to throw at times outdoors.  Wear spikes when on grass/dirt!!!  Even on turf the footing could be slippery so appropriate footwear is critical.
    Your first two-week, Back to Throwing, plan is linked below. Note that the plan will have the number of throws, the distance, and the intensity.  Any questions reach out to Coach Patrick or Coach Jake.  Back to Throwing Plan
  4. Holiday Break – Still waiting on final updates for the facility opening so we ask you be a little more patient when it comes time to advanced booking.  We will upload times on the calendar for next week as soon as possible!!


That’s it for now.  Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.  Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Strength – Coach Mike (201-396-9756)
Hitting/Fielding – Coach Fernando (201-937-3852)
Catching – Coach Jordan (201-673-6994)
Pitching – Coach Jake (551-207-0920)
General Questions/Concerns – Coach Patrick (551-427-4133)


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