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Things are really progressing from the town and the hope is the new space will be open early next week.  Like I said in a previous message it is ready to go, just need that approval which we are right on the cusp of getting.  Will be sending some pictures tomorrow!

Few things to update:

  1. Uniforms – If you did not order your uniform through Marucci do not worry, there will be another ordering window the week of January 1.  For those that ordered uniforms and received them you should have gotten a training top with your number on the back.  If you did not you should contact Marucci.  Any other issues should be directed to Marucci with your order number to:
  2. New Space – As stated above it’s nearly ready to be opened.  Once it is the abundant schedule that was put into place will be activated.  In the meantime we are doing everything we can to maximize the current space and the training for our players.
  3. Training Signups – I am putting together a video to go through training signups.  I will send this as soon as it’s ready.  This program is very in-depth and I understand it can be tough to navigate at first for new players and parents.  Also, with some of the changes we implemented, that can be confusing for players/parents who have been in the program.  That’s why I am creating the video, but in the meantime just wanted to note a couple things:
    1. The schedule that was supposed to be in place right now will be uploaded into the system by the end of this weekend for January 2nd and on.  That way you can look ahead and begin mapping out your training schedule based on the prescribed workload that you were given.  Of course if you want to do more you are encouraged to do so!!
    2. As soon as we have the green light to open the doors of the new space I will add a lot of classes and programs to the schedule.  In the meantime I ask for your continued patience and understanding as we make it work as best we can in current space.
    3. Facility Use is not a time for players to mess around or wander aimlessly into training.  Facility Use is the most crucial part of the player’s training schedule because that is where they will see the most personal growth.  Each player received a drill program to follow during their facility use.  This includes the drills with a link to a video showing that drill (more will continue to be added for those that don’t have a video). For strength everything is on the TeamBuildr app.  If you are having trouble with any of this call a coach (contact information below).
    4. Training Classes – For those that have been a part of the program you remember these as “Developmental” classes.  With everything we brought in we were able to evolve our training to make it more personalized.  These classes are now theme-based and appropriate for every player.  Think of them as the “macro” while Facility Use is the “micro”.  Both are important but Facility Use should outweigh Training Classes by at least a 2:1 ratio of attendance.  These training classes will be more abundant as the new space opens and will include all of our fielding: Outfield, Infield, Catching.  More on all of this with the video I send out shortly.
    5. The Facility – The facility is broken up into three areas: The Cage (current side), The Gym (current side), and The Field (new side).  Until the new side opens ALL classes labeled “The Field” will be at the current side.
  4. Waitlist – The Waitlist is there so make sure that classes are full and guys can get in automatically if someone cancels.  It also allows coaches to add kids who may have had a hard time getting in.  The vast majority of online signups will restrict a class from filling up so that coaches can add off the waitlist.  If you are on the waitlist and are finding that you’re struggling to get in connects with a coach and we will be sure to get you in.  But, please do not just come in to train if you are still on the waitlist.  We do not want classes to be overflowing.
  5. Holiday Break – We will have hours throughout the day dedicated to Colonials players.  For those that are not traveling prepare to get a lot of work in!!


Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

Strength – Coach Mike (201-396-9756)
Hitting/Fielding – Coach Fernando (201-937-3852)
Catching – Coach Jordan (201-673-6994)
Pitching – Coach Jake (551-207-0920)
General Questions/Concerns – Coach Patrick (551-427-4133)


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