Good evening! Hope summer has been going well and you’ve had some good rest and relaxation.  We are excited to get started with Fall Training starting up next week!! Here is a quick note regarding the start of the fall training season:

Indoor Training: Indoor training resumes next week.  The times for the fall have all been posted on the schedule and can easily be accessed through the Complete Game app by clicking the bottom button that says “Book”, which will automatically bring you to “Classes”.  We did make a couple changes for the fall:

  • The booking window for sessions has been reduced to 48 hours.  Previously we had it set at 7 days, but shortening the booking window will ensure higher percentage of attendance because people will have a clearer picture of their schedules.  Scheduling a week in advance leaves too much opportunity for conflicts to arise and late cancelations or no-shows to increase.
  • Another change has been decreasing the amount of slots players can book online relative to how many slot available.  For example, if there are 8 slots open for a Developmental training session, then players can only reserve 6.  This gives the coaches 2 slots to add players from the waitlist.  We want to make sure some guys who struggle to get in are able to find times.  Also, we don’t want parents and players setting alarms at midnight to book training sessions! I love how passionate the players are about getting in, but we want them to also get much needed rest.

Communication: If you have any issues with scheduling reach out to me via text: 551-427-4133



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