Your drill programs are linked below as Hitting and Pitching. It is recommended you export the pdf and save it to your phone. The prescribed workloads are about to be sent to you via text.  Couple things to note about them:

  • The prescribed workload is titled “Player Weekly Work Plan”. This is a recommended weekly workload that you should follow like a checklist.  Each player is recommended a Position Class (defensive) based on their primary position.  If a coach determines your skill set is more appropriate for a different position than the one you are signing up for they will communicate that to you directly.
  • You should signup for your appropriate age: Middle School OR High School
  • Pitching classes are only for players that want to have time on the mound.  If you do not want to pitch you will get throwing work in your defensive classes.
  • Facility Use is where you will use your Drill Programs.  Coaches will be around but Facility Use is for you to build accountability and independence in your training and performance.
    • The prescribed workload is meant to be a guided program to help you work efficiently and maximize your production on the field.  Over and Under training can cause problems, so this guide is there to help you do what’s best for you.  If you cannot make everything don’t sweat it, or if you want to do some extra go for it! But, do not sacrifice something on your workload for something else.  For instance, a pitcher should NOT skip a pitching class to get in a hitting class.  But, if they have gotten all of their work in and want to sign up for something else there is no problem with that.
  • Click here for weekly work plan: Prescribed Weekly Work Plan
  • The drill plans are broken up into different days.  `
  • Your drill programs come with a link to videos for the different exercises.
  • Your strength workouts will all be through the TeamBuildr app.  If you have any questions reach out to Coach Mike: 201-396-9756
  • When you look at the Hitting Drills you will see the top column has:
    • Drill – Type of Bat – Type of Ball – Type of Hitting – Sets and Reps – Intensity of the Drill
    • Click here to access the two-day plan: Hitting Drills
  • When you look at the Pitching Drills you will see the top column is a progression has:
    • Bands/Mobility – Med Ball Work – Water Ball Exercises – Drill Work – Cool Down
    • Click here to access the two-day plan: Pitching Drills
  • The link for the drills will bring you to the Complete Game YouTube channel playlist.  Be sure to bookmark that and follow that page for easy access.
  • Some people may have a hard time opening the link right from their phone through messages.  If you are clicking the link but nothing is happening SAVE the pdf to your files then open from there.  To help I have also included the links to the drills below.
  • Videos for strength are inside the TeamBuildr App, attached to each exercise.

Click link here: Hitting Drills Videos
Click link here: Pitching Drills Videos

Below you will see the coaches name/number alongside their specific area of focus.  If you have any questions in this area don’t hesitate to contact the coach.  For general questions/concerns reach out to Patrick

Strength – Coach Mike (201-396-9756)
Hitting/Fielding – Coach Fernando (201-937-3852)
Catching – Coach Jordan (201-673-6994)
Pitching – Coach Jake (551-207-0920)
General Questions/Concerns – Coach Patrick (551-427-4133)



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