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It’s time to start reaching out to college coaches. At this point on the calendar we should not be ruling out any schools for reasons why THEY may not recruit you.  Only rule out schools because there are factors that are a big turnoff to you.  Things such as cost, location, and GPA requirements are a big one.  Do NOT rule out any schools based on size or majors/minors at this point.

Here is the email template to send out.  Couple things to note:

  • Where you see an XXXXXX make sure you change that to the appropriate information (Coach name, school, etc).
  • ALL CAPS means you have to change that to fit the context of the email.  Make sure when you change it the text is no longer in all caps!!
  • Send it from your email! If your email is anything but appropriate create a new one.
  • Proofread!!!!!!


Dear Coach XXXXXX,

I hope this email finds you well.   IF THERE SEASON HAS GONE WELL MENTION A CONGRATULATIONS HERE / IF THERE SEASON HAS NOT GONE WELL THEN FORGET IT.  I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and express my interest as a potential student-athlete in  XXXXXX College/University.  Your program really sticks out to me as a potential fit from both an academic and athletic standpoint. My family and I would love to come visit XXXXXX College/University and hopefully have the opportunity to meet with you in person. 

I am a CURRENT GRADE at XXXXX High School in CITY, STATE, and I have been working hard throughout my spring season.  My primary position is XXXXXX and I have been pushing myself to become stronger mechanically and physically.  I am currently playing for HIGH SCHOOL NAME and in the summer I will be playing for the Complete Game Colonials. IF YOU HAVE A STANDOUT ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT THIS SPRING THEN ADD IT HERE (ex: This past week I threw a complete game shutout for my JV/VARSITY team). Academically I have been pushing myself in the classroom and I (will be taking the STANDARDIZED TEST in MONTH) OR (recently scored XXXX on my STANDARDIZED TEST) .

This summer with the Colonials we will be playing events in the NJ/NY area, as well as INSERT CITY,STATE OF YOUR TRAVEL LOCATION(S). I will send you a copy of our schedule for the summer soon.  I will also be making a performance video next month that I will send you a link to.  

Thank you very much for taking the time.  I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to have a chance to meet you in the near future.





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Allendale, NJ 07401



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