Please use the following link to make your payment for the Complete Game Colonials 2023 Season.  Following this submission the rest of your payments will be automatically charged in each month according to the schedule below.  A text will be sent 3 days in advance to remind you of this automatic charge.  We ask that you make this payment by January 5th to avoid any stoppage in training signups.

Couple quick notes:

  • Be sure to select “Complete Game Colonials Team Payment” under “Which Contract or Package would you like?” (should already be selected)
  • Disregard the End Date. That is not the date the program concludes.
  • The payments will be made as follows:
    • First payment: $849
    • Second payment: $849
    • Third payment: $849
    • Fourth payment: $849
    • Final payment: $849
  • The Second through Final payments will be processed on the same day the month after the previous payment.  For example if you make your first payment on January 5th, the second payment will be February 5th, the third payment March 5th, the fourth payment April 5th, and the final payment May 5th.
  • Since this is attached to the player’s account, failure to make first payment by January 5th will result in the system disabling training signups.

Please make payment here: Complete Game Colonials 2023 Season Payment

If you have any questions please reach out to Patrick:


Complete Game Training
260 West Crescent Ave # 9
Allendale, NJ 07401



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