Great to begin the new baseball year! We are BACK TO WORK!  Here is some important information or you:

  • Your private One-On-One codes are live.  The code for Offensive work (Batting) and the code for Defensive work (Infield, Outfield, Pitching, Catching) have already been texted to you.  Use the following link to book your private sessions: Winter Training Private Sessions
  • Training signups are also live .  You can book directly from your Dashboard.  While we have no limit to how much training you can participate in, we do ask that you ONLY book times you are sure you will be able to attend.  Please watch the video below to help with booking times, canceling/rescheduling existing times, and adding them to your personal calendar: Training Signups
  • Developmental training is Coach-led while Facility Use is Player-led.  These are EQUALLY important.  You should be balancing your schedule with both.  For Facility Use a detailed plan will be at the facility for you to follow each week. Do NOT just sign up for Developmental.  This will limit your growth.
  • Facility Use Strength Training will be available to all players, but in order to have enhanced workouts you must have completed your detailed assessment and have had numerous Developmental training sessions with Coach Mike.  Your Facility Use workouts will be determined by Coach Mike’s assessment of your understanding of and ability to handle the equipment.  Safety is #1!
  • There is new equipment that was detailed in your team signup form.  This equipment is from a company called Keiser.  Do to the intensity of the workouts it will ONLY be allowed to be used while in Developmental training sessions with Coach Mike.  No player will be allowed to use the Keiser equipment on their own.

We can’t wait to get going.  There is so much more I can’t wait to discuss with you as we go along.  2021 was a fantastic year for the players in terms of growth and, with what we have in place for 2022, we can all be excited about the progress that will be here in 2022.  Prepare your minds for a challenging, rewarding baseball season!

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