Hey everyone – we are excited to announce The Gym is ready to open!! Starting Monday 11/27 we will have a 3-day period for players who have joined the Colonials Academy to come in and get their initial assessments prior to their custom programs being built.  On Thursday 11/30 all players will be able to come back in for strength training and batting.  All details are below!

The Gym – The Gym is located in the old pitching/field space. It is now dedicated only for strength training and recovery.  The hitting side is still the same (with some improvements!!). To see what the gym looks like be sure to follow us on Instagram: @completegamebaseball

Colonials Academy – The Colonials Academy is about to start! The Academy is all about personalization.  In order for a coach to design a custom program, strength or drill-based, there needs to be a specific amount of information that needs to be retrieved. We’ve been eagerly waiting for a time in which we can design a program that could be 100% personalized using the right technology that goes beyond what the human eye can conclude.  Well, that time has come!! Utilizing Proteus Assessments, OnBaseU Evaluations, ArmCare, and Biomechanical Analysis we can now create a program that is 100% personalized for the individual athlete.

If you have not yet signed up and want to participate in the Academy there is still time.  As coaches we have been running through it for the past few weeks and I can tell you, firsthand, the results are incredible!! Have gone through it I can confidently say the Academy is perfect for each of our players! For an in-depth video with more information on the Academy and to register use this link: Colonials Academy

Technology Accounts – You should have received an email to the Player Email account (this is the one you put in for PLAYER when you signed up for the team) for the following technology accounts:

  • TeamBuildr
  • Proteus (Academy Only)
  • HitTrax

Please double check your emails over the past week or two for these emails.  If you have any issues contact Mike: 201-396-9756

Training Signups – Signups will be live on the app tomorrow, Wednesday 11/22. Reminder that classes can only be booked 48 hours in advance of the day. You will see Assessments broken up into Hitter and PItcher.  Whatever you signed up for with the Academy will be the block that you will book.  Assessments will be hour-long blocks, but expect yours to last around 75 minutes.  You will only sign up for ONE block.  Thursday, 11/30, will start Developmental classes.  Facility Use will open on the app December 10th.

We look forward to getting back to training! If you have any questions beyond the technology accounts reach out to me, Patrick, directly: 551-427-4133.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


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