Important message regarding Training Signups:

The Complete Game App is Live!!

We are excited to announce that the Complete Game app is officially live and ready to use.  Use the following links to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Here is a brief video tutorial on exploring the app (note: in playing around with the app it did close out on me once – I’m sure its very common with new apps but please let me know if you have any issues with it so we can get it sorted out)


We are one-week into the new booking system and things have run very smoothly for the most part.  Seeing a lot of different faces which is a good thing! Couple things to note about booking going forward:

  • The “Wait-List” has been confusing to some people.  The purpose of it is to make sure you get notified when a slot opens up.  If you are next in line on the wait-list, and someone in that group cancels, you will receive a notification letting you know that you are in! If you do not receive a notification then a spot did not open up for that training session.
  • Please CONFIRM your training session when you know you are definitely coming in.  This helps us prepare for the training session knowing who will be there.  It also serves as a reminder to cancel if you cannot make something so that someone else can get in.
  • Each day will open up a new day of training slots to be booked.  This is to ensure that everyone has a chance to get in when they are able to train.  Our goal in using this system and adding more training slots (for some options we have added double the slots of last year) is for them to be FULL! This is the time to create positive habits and dedicate yourself to having a solid 2023 season, both in performance and durability! We are seeing too many open slots each day.  Make sure you are getting in to train.
  • Pitching Developmental training will NOT include throwing for the next few weeks.  Do not be dissuaded from signing up because you are concerned about throwing.  We will be focusing purely on mechanics.
  • Strength sessions vary throughout the week, so in order to maximize your training we want to share what the focus will be each day. Do NOT be intimidated by one of the days and avoid them.  If you are concerned reach out to Coach Mike directly and he will walk you through what you, specifically, will be doing on that day.  Coach Mike: 201-396-9756
    • Monday: Legs/Speed-Agility-Quickness (SAQ)
    • Tuesday: Upper Body/Arm Care
    • Wednesday: Explosive Movement/Core
    • Thursday: Core/Squat & Deadlift
    • Friday: Plyometrics/Mobility
    • Saturday: Mobility/Velocity
    • Sunday: Full Body
  • STARTING IN DECEMBER: For Developmental Strength we want to have the most productive sessions as possible.  To do this we have created a guideline for the lifting schedule of when you should target when booking your sessions within these time frames, based on your grade in school. These time frames will contain multiple time slots to sign up for (note: you are not restricted from signing up in any available time slot – this is just a guideline to maximize your strength development):
    • Monday: 3:15-4:30p (Middle School) ; 4:15-5:30p & 9:15-10:15p (High School)
    • Tuesday: 3:15-4:30p (High School) ; 4:15-8:15p (Middle School)
    • Wednesday: 4:05-4:50p (Middle School) ; 4:35-5:20p & 7:00-7:45p (High School)
    • Thursday: 3:15-4:00p (Middle School) ; 4:15-6:00p (High School)
    • Friday: 4:05-4:50p (Middle School) ; 4:35-5:20p & 5:05-5:50p (High School)
    • Saturday: 7:00-7:45a (High School) ; 3:30-4:30p (Middle School)
    • Sunday: 7:00-8:00a (High School) ; 8:00-8:45a (Middle School)
  • To Cancel lessons use the APP as highlighted in the video above.

How To Schedule (reminder you need an account first and then I have to designate you as a “Member”.  See the previous post below for more info)


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